Cinema exhibition

Cinema exhibition
Welcome to the Movie Theater. Join us on a journey in time through the adventurous history of the city of Szarvas. The events that took place in and around this city could provide content for a whole series of feature films. That’s why we decided to make short trailers in anticipation of these future films.

Make yourself comfortable in front of the movie screen to watch our trailers.

The first short film will take you to the Age of the Árpáds presenting the river crossing on the Körös and a settlement called Szarvashalom founded next to it. Was this crossing remarkable for some reason? Who used it back then? Let’s see.

The second film will take you back to the age of King Matthias Corvinus. At the time, Szarvas was beset by a conflict between two powerful families. Who were the main actors of this conflict and how did it end?

The third film is about the period during Ottoman rule. A fort was built in Szarvas around that time, but it has disappeared without a trace by now. What was the fate of this fort? Who is investigating its history and what methods are being used?

The fourth film gives you an insight into the times after the expulsion of the Ottomans. The city was almost completely depopulated, but someone saw a great opportunity. Who was he? What does Szarvas owe him?

You will find answers to these questions in the trailers as well as along the boards on the walls, which will also help you learn more about the ages presented and the people who experienced them.

The movie posters create a historical atmosphere in the room, which is further enhanced by a model of the Szarvas fort and a life-sized cannon.